Our Services

Welcome! Please join us!

Our Sunday services are scheduled for 8am and 10am. The last Sunday of every month, these two services are replaced by one "All-in Breakfast Service" at 9:30am. This service gives both 8am and 10am “regulars” the opportunity to break bread together, pray together and get to know one another! This service takes place in the Parish Hall where breakfast is served and our Gospel is usually presented through a projected video clip where we get to see the Gospel come to life! All are welcome at any service at Calvary!

Experiencing our 8am service

If you enjoy finding God in silence and contemplation than this service is for you! There is no music in our liturgy and we often take moments to pause and rest in God's presence between or after prayers. The service lasts around 45 minutes.

Experiencing our 10am service

If you worship through music than this service is for you! We begin worshiping God in congregational song together and end our worship the same way. We often use ancient chant and sung response during the Communion prayer as well. This service lasts about one hour.


Are you new to Calvary and/or the Episcopalian faith and want more details on what happens in our worship services? Please click here and we will explain what you can expect from most Sunday services.


Special Services

Annual Mass on the Grass

Every late Spring/Summer, Calvary holds a Sunday service outside at Madison Meadow Park. This worship service is accompanied by food, games, fellowship and fun!


Near Thanksgiving, Calvary's rector, Mother Mo, along with other Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the community, join together in praise and thanksgiving to God for all the wonderful things we have received within our lives and faith communities! All are welcome to attend this beautiful and inclusive service that gives glory to God for all of God’s creation.