April 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As the school year is coming to an end, I am reminded of the students we have at Calvary that are coming upon big life decisions. Whether they are thinking about which college to attend or what they want to do with the talents God has given them, they are about to embark on a new path! I pray that Calvary has been for them, a place where they felt safe and extremely loved. Please pray for our young adults as they venture into the world in ways that are new to them. They will be faced with big decisions and temptations. Let us always remember to hold them up in prayer, so they may confidently stand by their beliefs and never forget “whose” they are, as Christ’s own and beloved forever.

There is so much happening at Calvary and a variety of ways you can get involved this summer! Our PADS ministry continues to feed the homeless in our community the last Tuesday of every month. There are opportunities to walk alongside those who are in need of community service hours and guidance as you assist them while they serve our Calvary grounds. Sometimes being a friend and a loving non-judgmental presence in the life of a stranger is extremely transformative! There are also opportunities to find God in nature by tending to Calvary’s vegetable gardens, which provide fresh produce to our local food pantry.  Or you can rest in the presence of our sacred vessels used during communion if you join our altar guild! Maybe tying prayer blankets for those who are hospitalized, ill, or suffering is what God is calling you towards. Remember that true joy is always experienced through service for others. This is the mystery of God!

This summer you should also be on the lookout for seminarian, Andrew Rutledge from Virginia Theological Seminary. Andrew is in his last year of seminary and excited to be assisting Calvary in worship and preaching. Don’t forget to support our seminarian as he proclaims the word of God by preaching on 6/10, 7/15 and 8/19! What a gift it is to hear God’s Spirit and message proclaimed through diverse voices!

New things are happening and God is good as new relationships are established with the Tri-Town YMCA. Many may recall at our Annual Meeting we discussed being in conversation with the Tri-Town YMCA to rent unused space at Calvary during the week. Well, God is good and the Tri-Town YMCA has decided to partner with Calvary by renting some of our space for office use and their many amazing programs. Not only does this provide extra needed income for Calvary, more importantly it creates an opportunity for deeper relationships with other organizations that serve the community! Tri-Town’s CEO Deb Allen and her employees are very excited to get to know all of us at Calvary and partner to work for the common good and serve those in need. What a gift God has brought to our doors!

I look forward to serving you all this summer! You are truly an amazing group of people and a gift from God!

Joyfully in Christ,

Mother Mo+






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