August 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Welcoming in Christ
Did you know that Calvary church has been a welcoming community centered in Christ since 1929? That’s 90 years of various people from different backgrounds working together to be Christ’s hands and feet in both the Lombard area and in the world! As we anticipate our upcoming Stewardship Campaign, I’d like us to also take this time to celebrate the leadership of Calvary, particularly our clergy, both new to Calvary, such as Deacon Marvin Neely and Pastoral Associate Deborah Russell-Neely and all the clergy who have selflessly served this community throughout it’s 90 years. I ask that we also take the time to celebrate our staff and all our lay leaders. Throughout its history this parish community has been blessed with outstanding, committed, and faith-filled leaders.
This week I was moved by a devotional I came across called, “Welcoming in Christ.” This devotional says it so well.
“Pentecost launched the ideal church with inspired leadership, excitement, joy, faithfulness, and growth. But we know how difficult it is to sustain the perfect community. And as the Christian movement expands, the church encounters lots of issues and requires the passionate faith, tireless leadership, organizational skills, and common sense of St. Paul the Apostle. Church leadership, ordained and lay, involves women and men whose gifts and qualities Paul lists as the “fruits of the Spirit” in Galatians 5:22: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”
As we begin a new year, I ask that St. Paul be a model for us and a reminder that no one of us possesses all the gifts needed for ministry, but together we do. And together we can do incredible things!
I’d like to invite you during the next month to think of a staff, clergy person, or lay leader who has touched your life in some way over the years and thank them. Whether a note, email, or personal words of thanks, let us offer thanks for those who have served this parish community. We are truly blessed!
May all we do together be for Jesus’ sake,
Mother Mo+






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