The Courageous Love Initiative was created to dismantle the powers of racism by
creating platforms which promote genuine, loving relationships which inspire our
community to remove the sinful chains of segregation.




That through the power of the Spirit and a more racially diverse social circle we create spaces and opportunities that help eliminate prejudice and stereotyping. 


This is being done through various interracial events, worship services and learning opportunities throughout the year.


Living out of our freedom found in Christ through truth telling and radical grace.

We understand that true freedom can only be achieved when humanity acknowledges the truth of their differences. We must allow ourselves grace for the things that we have done and for the things that we have left undone, in our quest to triumph over racial injustice within our communities. By acknowledging our painful past we can step into the future together with love. 

To intentionally create spaces where ALL feel welcome as we celebrate our differences.

God has gifted us with blessings in life that universally draw people together. We plan on using these gifts to bring various races together in hope of fostering comfort with one another which creates platforms to establish genuine, loving relationships. 

To practice the way of love patterned after Jesus.

Through our programs and events we plan on teaching and modeling Jesus’ love to all of our participants. If our brothers or sisters experience injustice or feel pain, it affects the whole body of Christ in the world, which affects how much God’s presence is felt in the world.

Vocalizing and demonstrating peaceful resistance against all racial injustice.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We believe that these words remain as vital today as they were 51 years ago and seek to dedicate our lives to being a prophetic and faithful voice crying for justice amid sinful oppression.