January 2020

As I continue to serve at Calvary I have discovered that we are NOT in a state of transition but rather in a state of transformation!
We are praying together, worshiping together, serving together, sharing meals together, learning and growing together, and discerning where God is leading us together. Through all of this we are discovering that WE are the church. The building, our music, our traditions (although beautiful), our liturgy and our events are not Christ’s Church. As the children of God, WE are Christ’s Church. We are Christ’s Church every time we worship together, share our lives with one another, care for the suffering, feed the hungry, share wisdom with our youth, show love to the lost, cry with the mourning, and give to those in need. This is what Calvary is about; looking like Christ in a hurting world.
I pray weekly, not only for those within Calvary’s doors but for those outside as well. I pray that as you are Christ’s Church in the world people come to know the love of God and yearn for a relationship with Christ. I pray that you receive God’s wisdom to know what is most important in the world. I pray that you have eyes to see God’s will for your life. I pray because nothing is more powerful. Let us pray together and commit all our works at Calvary to the Lord. It is only when we do this that our plans will be achieved (Proverbs 15:3).
I look forward to where the Spirit of God will guide Calvary as we continue to journey together this Lenten season as Christ’s Church in the world.
Many blessings,
+Mother Mo

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