Kids’ Ministries


Pain happens. Illness and loss, injuries, failure, and loneliness are common wounds in our world.

Prayer is a powerful force against sickness and to help soothe suffering and bring peace to those in distress. The presence of another and the sharing of support is another way in which we bring God’s love into the world.


Hospital visitation, counseling, and support in times of hardship or suffering performed by both clergy and church members.


A volunteer group of church members make comforting blankets for delivery to the sick, those grieving a loss or in need of employment, or any time when a large influx of prayer and God’s comfort is needed. The blankets are prayed over as they are made, then blessed by the rector after completion. The person receiving the blanket is literally wrapped in prayer. The cost is $35 a blanket if you would like to donate to this beautiful outreach ministry.


Lay people who assists the priest in administering the sacraments of holy communion: the consecrated bread and wine. They may also take the sacraments to those who are ill, in need of the Lord’s care, or otherwise unable to attend Mass. Calvary’s LEMs usually visit two to three people each week, bringing them communion, sharing news from Calvary and letting them know that even though they may not be able to get to church they are in our prayers and hearts.


Everybody can fall on hard times and the Episcopal church has long dedicated funds to help assist people in  the congregation and the surrounding communities who need assistance with gas money, food, train fare, and other occasional needs. These funds come primarily from the open plate offerings on the first Sunday of each month. Additional money may be donated or raised by the congregation specifically for this use. The rector and/or almoner is in charge of distributing and managing these funds.


Love is one thing we definitely aren’t in short supply of at Calvary! The Love Fund is to be used for one-time grants to meet emergency and extraordinary needs of the members of the congregation and their households. The Love Fund was set up under Father Castle’s direction, and receives ongoing funding from donations specifically designated for  the fund.


Dealing with addiction or the addictions of family members is terribly trying for everyone involved. Calvary is proud to provide space for those in recovery to meet and benefit from each other’s counsel at Calvary.


Calvary’s prayer blanket crew share the power of prayer with those in need of God’s comfort.