May 2018

Dear Church Family,

Summer months begin and we move into what the church calls ordinary time. However, this time is often anything but ordinary as it is filled with children graduating, vacations planned, outdoor adventures, and more! This time is anything but ordinary for us at Calvary as well. Just as we transition out of one phase of life to the next, I feel that God is calling Calvary to a new phase of life and a new way of living in the Spirit! We have graciously opened our doors to the Tri-Town Community YMCA and now we are sharing space together and hopefully a lot more as the relationship continues. What a joy it is to step outside of our traditional comfort zone in order to share what the Lord has given us!

I ask for your prayers as God’s Spirit guides us to a new music director. How we will miss Jeri’s playing, however after 30 years of faithful service she surely deserves a break! Our music committee consists of a diverse group from our choir and I am very confident that they will do a wonderful job at discerning who God may be calling to our community.

We are also going through administrative transitions as we seek to work more efficiently in the office and find ways of being present to the community as much as possible. We are currently in the process of hiring a new secretary and training volunteers to fill the days and times that our part-time secretary will not be present. The more I talk to thriving churches, the more I learn that a consistent presence in the church building is one of the staples for being the church in the community. Please keep our current secretary Zach in your prayers too as he begins a new job in June!

We are currently still in conversation with St Mark’s regarding becoming one church with two sites. This has been a fun process as we continue to discern what this could look like. Please feel free to ask myself or anyone on the Vestry about this new endeavor. This will be a new model for our diocese and we are learning as we go! Please keep Calvary and St Mark’s in your prayers, that we may be faithful to God‘s will!

I pray God’s Spirit Falls upon all at Calvary, so that you may be moved to serve as God has called you. Using your talents and time in a way that glorifies God, refines character to look more like Christ, and builds the church, until it is on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

Mother Mo+

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