October 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
What is God calling you to do?
During our Stewardship Campaign, it has been a true blessing to listen to various parishioners share their stories about Calvary. Listening to people express how important and life-giving this community has been for them and their families have reminded me of just how important the Church truly is.
People gathering around one another to be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen when they needed it most, anointing and laying on of hands while praying for miraculous healing and test results to come back clear, driving a family to the store to get food because their car broke down, tirelessly tying knots and saying prayers for blankets that will be given to those who are ill or hurting, driving someone home from a procedure at the hospital, helping someone struggling financially pay a bill, reminding someone of their worth and purpose, purchasing toys for children who would otherwise never receive a gift on Christmas, holding each other accountable to be better people, encouraging children that they can do all things through Christ, and speaking out God’s truth when we need it most. These are just a few of the things that we do here at Calvary as Christ’s body in the world EVERY DAY!
Being a part of the Church is not easy but it is absolutely life-giving! The Church is a sacred place in the world where you can rest in God and allow God to transform your heart, mind, and perception about everything around you.
As God continues to bring transformation into your life I’d like you to think about the ways God is calling you to serve as Christ’s hands and feet at Calvary, the community God has called you to.
Remember that true joy is only found when we learn how to give ourselves away for the glory of God!
May God’s wisdom and courage be with you all,
Mother Mo+






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