Worship Service

Welcome! Please join us!

Our Sunday Service is at 9am. Within the last year we decided to join our 8am service, which was more contemplative, with our 10am service which embodied a variety of diverse music. We did this as an effort to build and strengthen our community and we have not regretted it since!


Are you new to Calvary and/or the Episcopalian faith and want more details on what happens in our worship services? Please click here and we will explain what you can expect from most Sunday services.


Special Services

Annual Mass on the Grass

Every late Spring/Summer, Calvary holds a Sunday service outside at Madison Meadow Park. This worship service is accompanied by food, games, fellowship and fun!


Near Thanksgiving, Calvary's rector, Mother Mo, along with other Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the community, join together in praise and thanksgiving to God for all the wonderful things we have received within our lives and faith communities! All are welcome to attend this beautiful and inclusive service that gives glory to God for all of God’s creation.