Holy Baptism

The sacrament of baptism is available to anyone who wishes to become part of the body of Christ, which has become known as the Church. To request baptism, simply download and complete the Baptism Request Form and email the completed form to

The rector or the church secretary will  get back with you to discuss scheduling opportunities for the baptism ceremony and the necessary preparation.

What to Expect

Usually the rector asks to visit with the parents twice, unless they feel more time is needed. Both meetings are informal and can be at the church office or at the parents'  home, whichever is more convenient. The first time is to discuss what baptism is, the role of Godparents, along with the role/purpose of church community. It is an opportunity for the parents to ask any questions about what they are agreeing to do on behalf of their little one and to review the Scriptures and church traditions.

The second meeting is to review details of the service. Sometimes, the second "meeting" occurs only an hour before the service! When that happens, it's just a check to ensure the Godparents understand their part within the service and the importance of their "Godparent" role in the child's life.

Wedding Celebrations

Congratulations! It is wonderful that you are considering Calvary Church as the place you wish to honor and commit to your lifelong union. Calvary welcomes both same sex and opposite sex couples.

We've put together this short guide to help you in your wedding ceremony plans. It will help to clarify the rituals included in a traditional Episcopalian wedding ceremony and contains scriptures that are commonly included from both the Old and New Testament for you to choose from.

Arrangements for your wedding at Calvary begin with the completion of the Wedding Application. The completed application can be emailed to Once your application has been received, the Church secretary will contact you to arrange your initial meeting with the Rector, Mother Mo.


Calvary Church does not charge congregants for the use of church facilities for a wedding, but donations to the Church are customary to cover the significant costs associated with the sacrament. Please see this document, Wedding Suggested Donations, for guidance.
Download the Wedding Application

Funeral Services

In the Episcopal Church, a memorial service is a celebration of the Resurrection. and the liturgy is joyful in its certainty that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. This joy, however, does not diminish the very real grief felt with the passing of someone we love. Calvary Church wants to help you to experience God's peace, love, and gracious healing as you travel through this part of your journey in life.

Our Funeral Planning Checklist will help you navigate through the requisite questions involved with planning a funeral service. Please download and review/complete this form in advance of your meeting with the Rector, Mother Mo. You can complete the form yourself, or wait until your initial meeting to receive more clarification and direction. To view funeral fees, click here.

Burial and end of life preferences

Planning a funeral is rarely a joyful task.  Making some of your wishes known beforehand can help to make the process easier for your family and loved ones.  Download and complete this Burial Preferences form to leave behind a guide to help the living arrange services that meet your wishes. If you so desire, the Church office will keep a copy of this form on file.


Calvary has a columbarium with 96 niches for the respectful storage of cinerary urns containing cremated remains. Cremation is in accord with Episcopal Church teaching.

Download the Funeral Planning Checklist