Mission & Vision

We are here for god, and we are here for you

In 2018, as a community we took part in many surveys, including a Church Analysis Tool from our Diocese, gathered at open table Vestry Dinners, and took part in Town Hall meetings. These various tools helped guide us to a better understanding of ourselves and where God was calling us as Christ’s body. All the results pooled together showed us the top three things Calvary really cared about;

  1. Gathering to experience real connections with others.
  2. A desire for transformation and a sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.
  3. Wanting EVERYONE who walks through our doors to know that they are accepted, loved and welcomed just as they are.

After this new insight, as a church we chose a new mission statement that embodied the things we discovered were most important to Calvary. Our new mission was now,
to reflect Christ’s image through inclusive love, inclusion and service.”

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